Listening Test – Are You a Good Listener?

When the boss talks, you listen...

Are you a great listener? Let’s find out.

On a scale of 25-100 (100 = greatest), how do you rate yourself as a listener? _____

Let’s find out how precise your perception is. Rate yourself in the following situations and total your score.

4 = Usually, 3 = Frequently, 2 = Sometimes, 1 = Seldom

____ I try to listen carefully even when I’m not thinking about the subject.

____ I’m open to viewpoints that are various from my own.

____ I make eye contact with the speaker when I’m listening.

____ I try to avoid being defensive when a speaker is venting negative emotions.

____ I attempt to acknowledge the emotion under the speaker’s words.

____ I expect how the other person will respond when I speak.

____ I keep in mind when it’s necessary to bear in mind what I’ve heard.

____ I listen without judgment or criticism.

____ I remain focused even when I hear things I do not agree with or do not wish to hear.

____ I do not permit diversions when I’m intent on listening.

____ I do not prevent difficult situations.

____ I can disregard a speaker’s quirks and appearance.

____ I avoid leaping to conclusions when listening.

____ I find out something, nevertheless little, from everyone I satisfy.

____ I try not to form my next reaction while listening.

____ I listen for essences, not simply information.

____ I know my own hot buttons.

____ I think about what I’m trying to interact when I speak.

____ I try to interact at the best possible time for success.

____ I don’t presume a particular level of understanding in my listeners when speaking.

____ I typically get my message throughout when I interact.

____ I think about which type of interaction is best: email, phone, in-person, and so on ____ I tend to listen for more than just what I wish to hear.

____ I can resist fantasizing when I’m not interested in a speaker.

____ I can quickly paraphrase in my own words what I’ve simply heard.

____ Total

75-100 = You’re an exceptional listener and communicator. Keep it up.
50-74 = You’re attempting to be a great listener, but it’s time to brush up.
25-49 = Listening isn’t among your strengths. Start taking note.

Find out how to be a better listener: Active Listening.

Joe Grimm’s Listen and Lead job is a fabulous collection of listening tools. If your listening could be improved, get help from Joe. He’s a professional listener.


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