Christmas Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan

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Are you in requirement of a quick Christmas poetry lesson strategy to show your trainees tomorrow? Consider practicing acrostic poetry with your students. Acrostic poetry is a fast and simple activity that can take 5 minutes or thirty minutes, depending upon just how much time you want to invest in the activity.

All you have to do is have trainees select a Christmas-related word and develop phrases or sentences for each letter of that word. The phrases or sentences must associate with the main subject of the word. When teaching your students this lesson, follow these quick tips:

Model the format of acrostic poems with your trainees. Collaborate to compose a cumulative acrostic poem on the white boards.
Provide your trainees a Christmas-related word so that they can write their own acrostic poem. Consider: December, cheer, Rudolph, provides, household, snowman, or Santa Claus. Discuss the meaning of these words and the significance of family and giving during the Christmas season.
Offer your students time to write their acrostic poems. Flow and provide guidance as needed.
If you have time, enable the students to illustrate their poems. This project makes a great bulletin board system display screen for December, specifically if you do it early in the month!
Encourage your students to provide their acrostic poems to relative or buddies on Christmas morning. It would make for a fantastic handmade gift.
Here are three sample Christmas acrostic poems. Read every one to your trainees to give them an example of what they can do with their own poems.

Sample # 1.

S – Sliding down the chimney.

A – Always spreading cheer.

N – Needing cookies and milk.

T – Trains his reindeer.

A – At my house on Christmas Eve!


C – Children can’t sleep because of enjoyment!

L – Listening for hooves on the roof.

A – Act great all year.

U – Usually my preferred day of the year.

S – Seasons Greetings, Santa!

Sample # 2.

M – Many friends and family congregate to.

E – Enjoy the vacation!

R – Ready to drink and eat with them.

R – Reindeer on their method.

Y – Yuletide carols are sung by the tree.

C – Christmas is upon us as we.

H – Hear the caroling.

R – Ready for some fun and video games.

I – Indoors and outdoors.

S – Sitting by the fire with.

T- The finest family.

M – Missing our lost enjoyed ones.

A – As we enjoy our vacation.

S – Start the celebration, we are ready for Christmas!

Test # 3.

H – Hooray, for the vacations are finally here!

O – Outside in the snow is fun.

L – Laughing, having fun with everybody!

I – Inside is so warm and cozy.

D – Dad makes hot cocoa by the fire.

A – And mother exists to warm me up.

Y – Yes! How I like the holidays.

S – Santa is on his way!


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