How to Use the Ball Game as an Icebreaker for Groups

Three business people reaching up to catch a ball.

An icebreaker video game, activity, or workout is an excellent way to start a class, workshop, conference, or group event. Icebreakers can:

Work as introductions for strangers
Help with conversation
Encourage group interaction
Develop trust
Stimulate group members
Motivate team effort
Develop team abilities
Icebreaker video games are most reliable in groups of 3 or more individuals. To offer you an example of how an icebreaker works, we’re going to have a look at a classic icebreaker video game that can be utilized for both little and large groups. This icebreaker video game is traditionally referred to as the Ball Game

How to Play the Classic Ball Game.
The timeless variation of the Ball Game is designed to be used as an icebreaker for a group of complete strangers who have actually never ever fulfilled each other. This icebreaker video game is perfect for a new class, workshop, study group, or project conference.

Provide one individual a small ball (tennis balls work well) and ask them to throw it to somebody else in the circle. As the ball moves around the circle, everyone in the group gets to learn one another’s name.

Ballgame Adaptation for People Who Are Acquainted With Each Other
The traditional variation of the Ball Game doesn’t work extremely well if everybody in the group knows each other’s names. The Ball Game can help individuals get to understand each other better.

Just like the original version of the video game, you need to ask group members to stand in a circle and take turns tossing a ball to each other. When somebody captures the ball, they will mention something about themselves. To make this game simpler, you could develop a topic for the answers. For example, you might develop that the person catching the ball needs to specify their preferred color prior to tossing the ball to the next individual, who will also call out their favorite color.

Some other sample topics for this video game consist of:

State something you like about your job
Explain yourself in one word
Name your favorite book
Recognize your most significant strength
Determine your most significant weak point
Ballgame Tips
Be sure that you advise participants to throw the ball carefully so that nobody gets hurt.
Make this icebreaker game more fun by timing the workout and seeing how quickly the individuals can get the ball around the circle.
Attempt to select a subject that fits the participants and the objective of the icebreaker.


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