Controversial Speech Topics

Controversial Speech Topics

Speeches can be frightening, which feeling of being “on stage” appears even more worrying when you have to talk about a questionable topic. The most crucial element to consider when preparing your controversial speech is picking a great topic that fits your character. You will understand if a topic is a great suitable for you if it meets certain requirements:

The subject stirs an immediate psychological reaction in you
The emotional response is not so strong that you risk “losing it” if somebody disagrees
You can think about a minimum of three important realities or subtopics to assist you decide and arrange a sound case
Use the subjects below as motivation for your project, whether you are preparing to compose a controversial speech or an argument essay. Each subject is followed by a quick prompt, however that prompt is not the only way to approach your topic.

Questionable Topics for Persuasive Speeches
Abortion– Under what scenarios should it be legal? You might wish to think about age and health concerns.
Inexpensive Care Act– Is a person’s access to healthcare a genuine concern of the federal government?
Adoption– Should people from rich nations be able to adopt children from Third World nations? Should gay couples embrace?
Age Discrimination– Should the government develop policies to ensure that companies do not discriminate based upon age?
Airport Security Measures– How much privacy are we ready to sacrifice in the name of flight security?
Animal Rights– When we promote animal rights, do we restrict human rights? What is the proper balance?
Arms Control– Who’s accountable for controlling arms trades worldwide?
Arms Trading– What are the ethical ramifications?
Birth Control– What concerns do you have about age? Access? Price?
Border Control– What steps are ethical?
Bullying– Are we all guilty in some method? How can we lower bullying?
Crimes on College Campuses– How can students remain safe?
Censorship– When is it needed for public safety?
Chemical Weapons– When are they ethical? Are they ever?
Child Labor– Where worldwide is this a problem today? Is it your problem?
Child Abuse– When is it OK to step in?
Child Pornography– Is specific privacy more important than kid safety?
Cloning– Is cloning ethical?
Typical Core– What is the reality? Is it dumbing down our students?
Preservation– Should the government promote conservation?
Cutting and Self-Harm– When should you say something if you suspect cutting is happening?
Cyber Bullying– When are we guilty?
Date Rape– Are we doing all that we can? Do we blame victims?
Death sentence– Is it ever fine to eliminate somebody? When is it all right in your viewpoint?
Disaster Relief– Which procedures really work?
Domestic Violence– When should we speak up?
Drinking and Driving– Do you understand someone who pushes the limits?
Drug Trade– Is the government doing enough? What should change?
Consuming Disorders– What if you believe a buddy has a problem?
Equal Pay– Are we making progress?
Euthanasia/ Assisted Suicide– Where are the ethical limits? What if an enjoyed one was facing this option?
Junk food– Should the federal government have a say about fast food menus?
Food Shortages– Do we have an ethical commitment?
Foreign Aid– How much of a role should your country play?
Fracking– What about your own backyard?
Free Speech– Is this more vital than public safety?
Gang Violence– How can it be lowered? What are the causes?
Gay Rights– Are we making progress or are we regressing?
Gerrymandering– How much should we manage when it concerns drawing lines?
GMO Foods– How do you feel about labeling? Should we identify all modified foods?
International Warming– Where is science? What do you think?
Government Surveillance– Is it okay for the government to spy in the name of public safety?
Weapon Laws– What does the Second Amendment truly imply?
Environment Destruction– Should the government secure animals from human infringement?
Hate Crimes– Should hate criminal activities lead to stiffer penalties?
Hazing– When do enjoyable and tradition end up being unsafe habits? Who chooses this?
Homelessness– How much should we provide for the homeless?
Hostage Release/Trade– Should the government ever negotiate?
Human Population– Should it ever be managed? Are there too many individuals on the planet?
Human Trafficking– Are federal governments doing enough to safeguard the innocent? Should they do more?
Internet and Gaming Addiction– Are teens at danger? Should there be limitations to teen gain access to?
Juvenile Delinquency– When should teenager wrongdoers be treated as adults?
Prohibited Immigration– What is the most ethical action? Where should we draw lines?
Legalization of Marijuana– What is the impact?
Mass Shootings– Is this a psychological illness or a weapon control problem?
Media Bias– Is the media fair and balanced? How has the web made things much better or even worse?
Medical Records and Privacy– Who should have access to your medical details?
Meth Use– How do we educate youths about the hazards?
Military Spending– Do we spend excessive? Too little? Is this a safety problem?
Base Pay Increase– What should be the minimum?
Modern Enslavement– How do we end it?
National Rifle Association– Are they too powerful? Not effective enough?
Obesity in Children– Should this be a federal government concern?
Outsourcing Jobs– When do we dictate to organizations about outsourcing, and when do we be “hands off?”
Photobombing– Is this a personal privacy concern? Are there legal concerns to think about?
Poaching– How do we protect threatened animals? What penalties should be in location?
Prayer in Schools– Whose business is this? Does the government have a say?
Prescription Drug Use– Are teens over-drugged? What about younger children?
Racial Profiling– Have you been a victim?
Bigotry– Is it getting worse or better?
Rape Trials– Are victims dealt with relatively? Are the implicated?
Recycling and Conservation– Do we do enough? Is it any person’s company what you do?
Same-Sex Marriage– Is this an issue or a non-issue?
Selfies and Social Media Images– Is self-image becoming a psychological health concern?
Sex Trade– How can we stop this?
Sexual Promiscuity– When is it harmful? What should we do?
Sexting– How is this unsafe and damaging?
School Vouchers– Should they exist?
Social Networking and Privacy– Who has the rights to your image? Your credibility?
Stand Your Ground Laws– How much is too much when it concerns self-defense?
Standardized Tests– Are they fair?
Stem Cell Research– What is ethical?
Teen Depression– Who remains in threat?
Teen Pregnancy– Is education reliable enough?
Teens and Self-Image– What is hazardous?
Terrorism– How do we fight it?
Texting While Driving– Should it be illegal?
Violence in Movies– Is it harmful?
Violence in Music– Is this art?
Violence in Schools– Are you safe? Where do we draw the line in between freedom and security?
Violence in Video Games– What are the results?
Water Shortages– Who has rights to water?
World Hunger– Is it our commitment to feed others?


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