Average TOEIC Listening and Reading Scores

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If you have actually taken the TOEIC listening and reading exam, or the Test of English for International Interaction, then you know how stressful it can be to wait for your scores. This essential evaluation of English abilities is typically used by possible companies to determine whether your level of communication suffices for work, so you most likely don’t require to be told to take your outcomes really seriously once you get them back.

Comprehending Your Score
Knowing your ratings will not always help you understand your chances of being hired. Despite the fact that many services and institutions have minimum TOEIC ratings or proficiency levels that they need prior to offering you an interview, these levels are not the exact same across the board. Depending upon where you have applied and for what positions, you might find that different organizations require very various base scores.

Obviously, there are a number of elements at play that impact your performance and your probability of being employed. These include age, gender, academic background, college major (if appropriate), English-speaking experience, trade industry, type of job, and even the amount of time you invested studying for the test. The majority of hiring managers take these factors into account when interviewing and do not employ based upon TOEIC scores alone.

Discover How You Compare
Wondering where you stand with ball games you’ve made and how your performance compares with the requirement? Look no more: here are the average 2018 TOEIC ratings arranged by age, gender, country of birth, and education level of test-takers (some of the most crucial elements).

Though these averages won’t tell you your own areas of strength and weak point, they might help you see your relative position to name a few test-takers more plainly. These listening and checking out information sets were acquired from the 2018 TOEIC report on test-takers worldwide.

Bear in mind that the highest possible rating on each test is 495. Anything over 450 is usually thought about exceptional and suggests no genuine area of weakness in using and understanding the English language. You’ll also observe that, throughout the board, checking out scores are lower than listening ratings.

Average TOEIC Scores by Age
In this set of TOEIC listening and checking out ratings by age, you will discover that test-takers in between the ages of 26 and 30 tend to carry out best on this test with a typical listening rating of 351 and a reading rating of 292. Across all countries, this represent 15% of test-takers.


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